A recent study conducted by Forrester Consulting found that two-thirds of organizations have been breached five times in the past two years. It’s clear that traditional approaches are not working, and companies need to completely rethink their security approach. The study found that organizations without a mature IAM approach experience two times more breaches and $5 million more in costs than those with a mature IAM approach. The study examined four levels of IAM maturity, … More →

Most enterprises face major challenges when managing security across their hybrid enterprise networks both during and after cloud migrations, according to AlgoSec. The international survey of 450 senior security and network professionals reveals the insecurities around enterprises’ hybrid cloud strategies. While nearly a third (32%) plan to increase their public cloud usage in the next 12 to 18 months, the majority harbor significant concerns about cyberattacks and breaches in their hybrid environments, and encounter problems … More →

An new report by Threat Stack and ESG sheds light on the security and business challenges that accompany the growth of public cloud environments and containers. Overall, the findings show a gap in security and compliance readiness across fast-growing cloud and container environments. One in three cannot maintain cloud security 31% of those surveyed said that they are unable to maintain security as their cloud and container environments grow – a startling figure in the … More →

Operational Technology (OT) networks are ripe targets for adversaries, whose motives range from criminal intent to operational disruption and even threats to human and environmental safety, according to CyberX. Many are exposed to the public internet and easy to traverse using simple vulnerabilities like plain-text passwords. Lack of even basic protections can enable attackers to quietly perform reconnaissance before sabotaging physical processes. As a result, once attackers get into an OT network — either via … More →

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Around 30GB of commercially sensitive data has been compromised in a hack on an Australian government contractor, including details about new fighter planes and navy vessels. The data is not classified, the government said, and it doesn’t know if a state was involved. The hackers identity is not known. “It could be one of a
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Last weekend, I had the privilege of returning to my alma mater for the inauguration of Elizabeth H. Bradley, the 11th president of Vassar College. Returning to Vassar as the president of Transylvania University felt different from my arrival as a student in 1984.

I was raised in the Bronx by Irish Catholic immigrants. Our Catholicism was quiet, expressed mostly by giving neighbors a hand, weekly Mass and private guilt. We had little time to follow the political issues of the day, and the internet did not yet exist.

During my years at Vassar, however, there was no hiding from political issues.…

Dutch cybersecurity and cloud consultancy QSight IT has been acquired by telecom firm KPN. No terms were disclosed. Previous shareholders in QSightIT including Holland Venture announced today that they have agreed to sell their shares in the company to the telecom firm. “With the acquisition of QSight IT we add a team of highly-skilled security […]
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NEW YORK (Reuters) - There is a widespread sense of fear hanging over consumers in the aftermath of the data breach at credit-monitoring firm Equifax revealed in early September that approximately...

Devices to monitor impact of spoil dumping on marine mammals during Alexandra Basin redevelopment

Personal Tech editor Wilson Rothman explains the importance of two-factor authentication—and its limitations.

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Not a single week goes by without seeing an equal amount of articles decrying the gaps in cloud security and articles praising the benefits of the cloud including how much more secure it can be than an organisation’s own data centre. So which is it? And for companies who are trying to define their next
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Apple has already shared many details on the upcoming Face ID facial recognition feature in the iPhone X through its software engineering chief Craig Federighi, who did several interviews, but now the company has consolidated that information into a new support document and an in-depth security white paper released this morning. [PDF]

If you've been paying attention to Federighi's interviews and all of the Face ID coverage on sites like MacRumors, you may already be familiar with the content of the support document, but it does a good job addressing all common questions and concerns in a single spot.

It outlines the…

ENISA could see an expansion of its role to become the focal point for cyber-activities for the 28-country EU bloc.

A study conducted in July by Dimensional Research examined how organizations are addressing the cybersecurity skills gap. Study respondents included 315 IT security professionals at U.S.-based companies with more than 100 employees. According to the study, 93 percent of security professionals are concerned about the cybersecurity skills gap, and 72 percent believe it is more difficult to hire skilled security staff to defend against today’s complex cyberattacks compared to two years ago. Significantly, 81 percent … More →

Latest report finds insider threats come a close second

Government officials and corporate executives alike realize that technology has become  a globally connected, booming industry. Despite what that fact may mean for the American intelligence and national security supply chain, agencies must embrace it because the U.S. government isn’t the R&D powerhouse it was many decades ago. “That’s already the way of the world. […]
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Equifax earlier on Thursday revealed a massive data breach of 143 million consumers.

Just the usual procession of firmware vulnerabilities Infosec consulting firm Nomotion has reported vulnerabilities in Arris broadband modems and which it says are trivial to exploit, and could affect nearly 140,000 devices.…

Equifax mega-breach provides everything an identity thief needs